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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member MayaFemale/United States Groups :iconwarriorclans-online: WarriorClans-Online
Warriors and Virtual Reality.
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Lineless/Semi Realistic
{FuserAU} Chase.. by DerpymuffinArtist
{Techritch} Overload by DerpymuffinArtist
Note: These take a while to do. 
This commission will get you.
A lineless image of your preferred character(s) (Usually from waist up) 
A background (Optional)
One Person Image
{Adopt} Luvan by DerpymuffinArtist
{Reference} GrieferCab by DerpymuffinArtist
One Character

No Background

Name to the side

Optional: A prop
Fake Screenshots
{Fake Screenshot} You will Pay for this. by DerpymuffinArtist
{Fake Screenshot} N-No.... by DerpymuffinArtist
{Fake Screenshot} Bad things happen.. by DerpymuffinArtist
This commission gets you:

Up to five characters.
(The characters will be shaded)
Characters may be animals or ponies. It is not strictly people. 
Two Person
{Jazya} On Tour by DerpymuffinArtist
{Merome} Best Friends by DerpymuffinArtist
{Human AU} Frozen Yogurt by DerpymuffinArtist
This commision gets you:

A Background

Two characters of your choice (Must have a reference, written or drawn) 
Story Scenes
{Warriors|OC} 'No...' by DerpymuffinArtist
{BlackZekeThyst} Monsters by DerpymuffinArtist
{ AU} Good Luck Chase by DerpymuffinArtist
What this commission gets you:

Any amount of characters under 8 (A shadow in the background that is in the shape of a character does not count as a character)

A background.

If requested: A collection of words at the bottom EX. "ALL THE THINGS!"
This is not restricted to stories. It can be a random scene you thought up or it could be a scene from a novel.
The limit is pretty much endless.

(Humans or animals.)
Story Covers
{Cover Thing}Good reason these tables are numbered by DerpymuffinArtist
{Story Cover} Herobrine's Heir by DerpymuffinArtist
{Story Cover} Toy Maker Remastered by DerpymuffinArtist
Width: 3000
Height 4000
This commision gets you:

1-5 characters.

A Background.

The story title 

Optional: Your username somewhere on the cover. 
One Person Drawings
{100 Theme Challenge} Robot by DerpymuffinArtist
{BajanCanadian} Benjan Warrior by DerpymuffinArtist
{100 Theme Challenge} Break Away by DerpymuffinArtist
{100th Theme Challenge} Light by DerpymuffinArtist
What this Commission gets you:

A picture of a character of your choice.

Background: Detailed or not. Specified or not. 

Must Have reference Handy.





{SU!AU} Yellow Diamond and his Pearl by DerpymuffinArtist
{SU!AU} Yellow Diamond and his Pearl
Artwork and characters belong to DerpymuffinArtist. Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar.
My tumblr has stories about these two so go check that out:
So... Yellow Diamond and his Pearl at their full height. 
Drew something that isn't Crystal Grumps so... Yay?
{Survo} Subject will not respond
Artwork and character belong to DerpymuffinArtist.
I'm way to mean to this character
{OCS} Powerful Gold by DerpymuffinArtist
{OCS} Powerful Gold
Artwork and Character belong to DerpymuffinArtist.
Sorry I haven't posted any art on here recently. I've been really involved with a fandom and I am hesitant to post all the art I made for it.You can find out more on my tumblr.


DerpymuffinArtist's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do a multitude of things.
I have short large bursts of interest in different things.
I do what I want and whenever I want to.
I have short outbursts of rage. (One case I wrote a short fic of me burning Art Thieves)
I have SOME TYPE of Disorder (I'm sure of it)
Tumblr Ask Blogs:
(I regret the main one's username DX)…
Also, if I feel like it, I'll make a Ask Blog for these two groups.
Pheonix Gang (Hatsmuki, Nathaniel, Connor)
DCT Survivors (Technology, Eritch, Survo)


"Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that ’till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you. Indeed, my friend, it was not well done. You know the opinion I entertain of mankind, and how much it is my desire to preserve myself free from particular attachments, and to keep my happiness independent on the caprice of others. You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent. But as you have done it and as we are generally indulgent to those we love, I shall not scruple to pardon the fraud you have committed, on condition that for my sake, if not for your own, you will always continue to merit the partiality, which you have so artfully instilled into me."

"Next fall completes my doom. I give up my liberty to Miss Schuyler. She is a good hearted girl who I am sure will never play the termagant; though not a genius she has good sense enough to be agreeable, and though not a beauty, she has fine black eyes – is rather handsome and has every other requisite of the exterior to make a lover happy. And believe me, I am lover in earnest, though I do not speak of the perfections of my Mistress in the enthusiasm of Chivalry."
~Alexander Hamilton to John Laurens 1779~

"We're all weird somehow."~Maya 2016
"My hands are sloths." ~Maya 2016
"I like swans." Noah 2016
"I hate that god damn hat." Abridged Kirito 2014
"Choke on my vengeance! How does it taste!?" Abridged Kirito 2014
"This is who I am now. This is my life." DanIsNotOnFire 2016
"PewdiePie I'm coming for you God Dammit!" Skydoesminecraft 2016
"I was a mermaid and no one could stop me." Jesii Vee 2015

"Every time I run into a wall I spout nonsense." Maya 2016
"Hey Muki!" Maya's Grandmother 2015
"Max is fucking gorgeous." Maya's Subconscious 2016
*Curls up in the fetal position* AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ross 2016
"Ow.. That hurt more than I intended." Max 2016
"Tape his nipples shut!" Barney 2016
"Barney's committed!" Max 2016
"This is just taping Red." Max 2016
"People comment below if you enjoy watching me tape people." Ross 2016
*Tapes Barney's mouth shut* "I wanted to do that, for so long!" Max 2016
"When the fuck is Ross always right?!" Max 2016
"Hey Max want an oil change?" "Quit giving them material to write with." Ross and Max 2016
"Where and why!? NO! I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS SHIT!" Max 2016
"You may be able to tape me but i won't shut up! I'm gonna keep bitchin'!" Max 2016
"Do I wanna go out with you!? Is that what you said!?" Skydoesminecraft 2015
"This is too quiet I'm freaking out!" Jinbop 2015
"Pancake Pal why!?" Skydoesminecraft 2015
"AHA!" Skydoesminecraft... All the time.
"Your filled with goats? Barney did you tell him that one?" Skydoesminecraft 2015
"I'm not Mason!" Mithzan
"Yeah i know. Mason's smarter than that." Skydoesminecraft
"HELP I'M THE SUBTITLE CREATOR AND I'M BEING HELD CAPTIVE.. NO!!" Markiplier's Subtitle Creator 2016
"Dying is not a good thing." Ross 2016
"Oink bitch." Skydoesminecraft 2016
"Its just some kind of deja vu with his face." LTCorbis 2016
"Deadlox is just in the background just dying."
" Adam Dollars. Adam Currency. my own nation... Subscribe." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"I assure you I am not a hairy hobo smoking some weed." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"I don't need to do this anymore I got a dollar!" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Was that cool?" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"I long for death." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Someone stop me." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Don't touch me. Don't touch me. Get away from me. Get away from me." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Lazy sunday woooo!" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Bombs away into the void!" BajanCanadian 2016
"Is my Figi baby in here? No? Okay i'm going back to bed." Maya 2016
"You always take guns out in the middle of recording, Tt! Stop!" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"I feel like Luke Skywalker." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Anything for you senpai." Deadlox 2016
"I'll save you senpai!" Deadlox 2016
"Of course bro. Always." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Stop calling me senpai." Ross 2016
"Get outta my house!" Owkward 2016
"That ruined my childhood though." Deadlox 2016
"Nah I got the meat." Deadlox 2016
"This one's a wizard." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"I hate you, fan!" Matpat 2016
"Look at this tracing paper creeper dead." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Not gonna take me 12 movies to win an oscar." Mthzan 2016
"Let it go, Max." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Vegetarians don't exist." Adam Dahlnerg 2016
"All or nothing." AmazingPhil 2015
"This is for whenever you came in my room at three at night and just stand over my bed. Don't ever do that again Ross." Max 2015
"WeenieButt loves some ding dongs!" Max 2015
"I'm sorry Ross. You don't deserve this." Max 2015
"Shots are being fired! I'm in between a warzone." Ross 2015
"I just feel really sleepy. Am I dying!? Nah i'm just always sleepy." Ross 2015
"Its MitPit." Nathan Sharp 2015
"I'm a classy lady."Nathan Sharp 2015
"I am a grown man." Nathan Sharp 2015
"Now there is no pairing." Nathan Sharp 2015
"People wanna see us shove marshmallows in our mouth and sing." MatPat 2015
"Who is talking to me and what do they want to say? What are the words they are trying to convey to me?" Nathan Sharp 2015
"The Know How." Nathan Sharp 2015
"Is butt how." Nathan Sharp 2015
"Lets just run the hell away from our problems." Nathan Sharp 2014
"Your a headless good sir." Nathan Sharp 2014
"We all know how dangerous holes can be." Dante 2016
"I am great with stomaching lots of blood." Nathan Sharp 2015
"I DON'T WANNA!" Nathan Sharp 2016
"Five Nights in my Safety!" Nathan Sharp 2016
"NOOO! I WON'T!" Nathan Sharp 2016
"Everyone Shut up." Nathan Sharp 2016
"I don't like it! I don't!" Nathan Sharp 2016
"We've created a monster!" Nathan Sharp 2015
"No springtrap senpai! All I wanted was for you to love me!" Nathan Sharp 2015
"Caffinated wants to battle. These are the jokes folks." Nathan Sharp 2016
"He came at me like a wrecking ball." MatPat 2016
"Imagine Barney tightroping with tights." Red 2016
"How can he do a ropes course if he's afraid of heights?" Mithzan 2016
"ILLUMINATIZ!" Barney 2016
"I'm secretly cat." Mithzan 2016
"That was the freaking music box puppet!" Danisnotonfire 2016
"Don't tooth shame the tortoise." Danisnotonfire 2016
"I need a tem in my personal belongings." Danisnotonfire 2016

"We totally did a thing." Nathan Sharp 2016
"Thats the Pg way to do it." MatPat 2016
"Everything is triggering." Someone I dunno 2016
"Are they sentient floor spikes?" DanIsNotonFire 2016
'Fucking... Five nights at Small World." Nathan Sharp 2016
"Bo bibbity bob." Nathan Sharp 2016
"Do you see this? It is.. It is.. Fucking lit." Nathan Sharp 2016
"Don't listen to the apples they're telling you bad lies!" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Obsidian not obscene." Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Hey! That's the best he can do, I respect that!" CavemanFilms 2016
"Its time to make my people mad!" Adam Dahlberg 2016
"Thank you for listening to the message." RedVactor 2016
"OHHH!!... What is this..?" 8-BitRyan 2016
"If you guys think its a mockery. That's your problem." 8-BitRyan 2015
"Fredinator... DUN DUN DUN!" 8-BitRyan 2016
"He's obviously got sensitive teeth." 8-BitRyan 2016
"Oh I love my new weapon!" Shane Dawson 2016
"A fucking spider, this big, just fell from the sky. Onto the floor. Oh my god." Shane Dawson 2016
"Sing you cinnamon rolls!" Lin Manuel Miranda 2016
"No, i'm the Uber driver for a bunch of puppets." Nathan Sharp 2016
"20 years to life with a cell mate named buffalo frickin' bill!" Markipler 2016
"No one wants to be Hamtaro." House Owner 2016
"You can't drive a castle." Mithzan 2016
“Yes, Rebecca, I’m very well aware there is a giant inflatable pony in my office.” Suddenly; Prompts! 2015

Favorite Ship? 

1 deviant said Jase
1 deviant said Zekethyst
No deviants said Cloudthyst
No deviants said Techritch
No deviants said Charitch (Platonic of course. That's one huge age gap)


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Thanks for the faves of some of my work muffin, much appreciated
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You're a really good artist.
It would take me hours to paint any sort of sci fi landscape. 
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May I has a two person one?

Think you can draw me and my friend in Pingu costumes saying "Noot Noot"? XD I'm sorry, my friend and I just really want someone to make something of that XD
DerpymuffinArtist Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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